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Smoothie Prep

Smoothies are a delicious and easy way to have a nutritious breakfast, especially when you’re on the go. ​

​Get organised for the week ahead by prepping your smoothie ingredients using Glad to be Green® 50% Plant Based Reseal Bags. ​

​Simply sort your ingredients into individual bags and store them in the freezer. ​

This will save you time in the morning – all you have to do is pour one bag of ingredients into a blender, add your preferred milk and mix! ​

​Give our favorite smoothie combos a try for yourself! ​

Summer mix:​

  • Apple​
  • Strawberries​
  • Banana​
  • Blueberries​

Green mix:​

  • Spinach​
  • Kiwi​
  • Celery​
  • Kale